Hello again Everyone

Open for lots of takeaway in Lockdown

Aside from our usual menu, all of which can be made for you, we are adding

ideas for your lunch or supper, made by me and Merlie.

Takeaway list


To have exactly what you would like, order a day ahead (lisaandersonandcompany@gmail.com or 0207 469 7078), or see what we have on the counter.



Spinach & goat’s cheese;   Spinach & anchovy;      Montgomery cheddar and potato; 

Red & Yellow peppers, red onion, pesto, cheddar;     Caramelised onion with Tallegio; Broccoli with dolcelatte and onion;    Roast cherry tomato, basil and parmesan;

Sweet potato, garlic and sage;       Whole baked garlic, two goat’s cheeses and thyme; Mushroom, bacon, Tallegio;       Smoked salmon & cream cheese with spring onion.


Individual tarts:  £6.00

Tarts for four:  £14

Tarts for eight:  £28



Cottage pie, with mashed potato

Lasagne, meat, vegetarian or vegan  



Aubergine Parmegiana

Veggie Bake of the day

For one: £6.00

For two:  £10.00

For four:  £15.00



American with creme fraiche and berry compote  (heat pancakes at home)  £6.00

Spinach with chilli butter and halloumi.  £9.50



Home cooked ham and cheddar;  Cheese and pickle;  Roast chicken, avocado and chilli mayo; Avocado, tomato, vegan pesto;

£5.50 each

Hot sandwiches:

Bacon £6.00;  Bacon & Egg £7.00



Red velvet; Almond & Pistachio; Chocolate with Peanut icing (ve); Oreo cake; Pecan & Banana; Carrot Cake with Almonds

Slices:  £3.50   Whole:  £40


Individual sweet things:

Fresh fruit friands (gluten free) £1.75   Vegan chocolate brownies £2.50   Millionaires shortbreads £3.75  Snickers bites (ve, dairy free)  £2.50  Toffee crisps (gluten free) £2


THE CONSERVATORY will, eventually, be OPEN AGAIN

nb it counts as indoor space ....


The Conservatory will be open for sitting in as soon as it is permitted.  To ensure your safety, we are operating with fewer tables, seating a maximum of 16 people over 5 tables.  There are three tables which take up to 4 people, and two for up to 2.

Due to the newest regulations we can only take customers from the same household or bubble as the space is, technically, indoors.


In order to make this possible we'll need you to eat!  A minimum spend per customer (not babies***) will be £10 and we'll be taking bookings at

lisaandersonandcompany@gmail.com or 0207 469 7078


Please call us if your plans change and you no longer need the table, cancelling is absolutely no problem, but no shows have a big impact for us.


Usually, we'll need the table back after an hour (pre lockdown, people stayed with us for an average of 45 mins, so we are hoping this will be fine).

We are delighted to accept walk-ins so long as there is space.


We have found that the weekends get booked quite quickly on those mornings, so if you are keen for a mid morning slot, do try to contact us a day or two earlier.


During the week, a walk in is generally fine.


Our menu will be a little shorter for the time being, but still just a delicious. The website will be updated shortly with the dishes we will be offering.


All our takeaway options remain as they always are and we look forward to seeing you!


Best regards, Lisa, Nad, Nick, Matt, Merlie and Ollie



here's information you need to know:


1. We'll be operating a track and trace system, if you have downloaded the NHS app it makes everything quicker for you.

 2. We deep clean the table and chairs before each set of customers is seated.

3.  A server will take your order at the table, menus will be on boards

4.  None of the chairs can be moved around so that the social distancing is preserved.  There is 1.5m between each of the tables.

5.  ***If you are bringing a baby, they will count as one full space of your party. So, a table of 4 would mean 3 adults and one baby, or 2 adults and two babies. 


xxx Lisa






see our instagram 






all day menu

our kitchen is open from 8am to 3pm Monday to Saturday, and from 8.30am to 2.30pm on Sunday


two slices of wheat, rye or gluten-free toast with butter and jam, marmalade, honey or marmite.


with jam, honey, seasonal fruit compote or banana and blueberries. can be made with soy or coconut milk.

vegan cacao and buckwheat granola

cacao and buckwheat granola from rock my bowl with coconut yoghurt, banana and maple syrup. lovely and vegan!

three scrambled eggs

on sourdough, brown, rye or gluten free toast. add sides of avocado, bacon, spinach, halloumi, smoked salmon, wild mushrooms. sides are £2.00 except for smoked salmon at £3.00

two poached eggs on sourdough, brown, rye or gluten free toast

have with a choice of sides: three rashes of bacon, avocado, wild mushrooms, smoked salmon, spinach, avocado, halloumi all sides are £2.00 except smoked salmon at £3.00

eggs benedict, royale, florentine

two poached eggs on a brioche bun. served with hollandaise sauce and bacon, salmon or spinach

fluffy american pancakes
£4.00 / £6.00/£7.00

pancakes with lemon & caster sugar or nutella, banana & almonds or blueberries, maple syrup & bacon

french toast

french toast with summer berry compote, creme fraiche, maple syrup and icing sugar. you can add two rashers of bacon if you like!

spinach pancakes

spinach pancakes, chilli lime butter, grilled halloumi & leaves

harissa marinated feta & broccoli

harissa marinated feta on sourdough with charred purple sprouting broccoli, esme, dukkah

wild mushrooms with goat's cheese

Wild mushrooms on sourdough with grilled goat's cheese, sun dried tomatoes and a poached egg

green shakshuka

Spinach, spring onion, parsley, fennel, poached egg, cheddar, sourdough

avocado toast

avocado on sourdough toast and a poached egg, with griddled halloumi, served with mixed leaves

sweet potato and red pepper hash

sweet potato and red pepper hash with romesco, fried egg, feta and almonds

buddah bowl

Black rice salad: Avocado, broccoli, mixed leaf, hummus, tapenade, lemon & mint vinairgrette


poached eggs, labneh, chimichurri & chili butter on sourdough toast, add halloumi and/or bacon


there will be two, made every day and served with sourdough and butter

montgomery cheese toastie

Montgomery cheddar with leek, garlic, red onion, with mixed leaves

half and half

Half a Montgomery cheese toastie, with half a bowl of either of the soups

warm chicken fillet

griddled chicken fillet, bacon, tomato, coriander mayo , sourdough sandwich.

bacon sandwich
£6 / £7

served with home-made brown sauce. you can add a fried egg!

rare roast beef sandwich

Rare roast beef sandwich, pickles, melted stilton and home made thousand island dressing

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please see all day menu

have a look at the all day menu

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private parties

wedding receptions, birthday, holidays...

we are now open for private parties any night of the week, with a menu tailored to your wishes. we offer anything from a three course meal to drinks and canapes. the garden (a favourite party place) seats 30 people or up to 50 for drinks and snacks. please contact us on 0207 469 7078 or email lisa@andersonandcompany.co.uk

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ordering a full cake

You can also order a full cake to take home with you, enquiries 

of the list and pricing





for all your catering needs call now on 0207 469 7078 to discuss your requirement or email: lisa@andersonandcompany.co.uk to request a sample menu


Our Products


Our coffee is a seasonal roast from Square Mile and our

tea selection is from Birchall and Teapigs.


We use the meat from Flock&Herd, fish comes from Moxons and fruit and vegetable from 

Spitalfields Market.




We have a large selection of cakes which are from local bakers, and 

always try to have something gluten free and vegan 

(please ask more from our friendly staff!)





find us


Phone 0207 469 7078 

Email lisaandersonandcompany@gmail.com


about anderson & co.

With a combination of excellent food, a delicious coffee and relaxed atmosphere, Anderson & Co has been welcoming a loyal customer base since 2010.




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